Retainer & Trust Account Payments

Sellers Ayers Dortch & Lyons, PA. appreciates your business. We are happy to offer an online option for paying Retainers and other Non-Homeowner Association Payments into trust. You can make a retainer or other trust payment by credit card, debit card or e-check.  Please be advised that we will hold e-check funds for 10 days before disbursing due to NC State Bar Rules. Please note there is a 3.95 % surcharge applied by Tabs3Pay when using a credit card.  There is no fee for debit card or e-check.   To make a Retainer Payment or Trust Account Payment to our firm please click the link below and provide your Full Name and the name of the attorney that you are working with in the “Note to Sellers Ayers Dortch & Lyons Section”.  Thank you.


Please Note: By clicking the link above, you will leave Sellers Ayers Dortch & Lyons’ website and will be redirected to the Tabs3Pay website.  This website is not operated by our law firm. We are not responsible for the content or availability of linked sites.