Employment Law

Today’s workplace presents new challenges, but also exciting new opportunities. The pace of workplace change is amazing. Great talent is hard to find. Employee owners and cooperatives now outnumber unions. And rapid advances in technology will transform everything yet again. At the same time, new and ever more complex employment laws and regulations are enacted every year, creating new compliance challenges and litigation risks. We know every workplace is unique, which is why we take the time to understand your culture and goals and minimize workplace disruptions that stand in the way of your business potential.

We provide a range of employment law services to businesses and individuals, ranging from compliance with the North Carolina and federal wage and hour laws and the Family Medical Leave Act, to drafting and analyzing non-compete and severance agreements. There are significant penalties for failing to follow the proper procedures or entering into a contract that does not protect you. Individuals and business owners must put themselves in the best position when entering into and severing employment relationships and we regularly provide the guidance needed in both scenarios. We work with large and small employers in all industries.


Our attorneys work to provide our clients with trustworthy advice, dedicated service, and quality representation.