Collaborative Law

Especially when there are children involved, spousal relationships will continue long after divorce – sometimes for their entire lives. Many couples recognize that, even though they have decided to end their marriage, they wish to end their marriage in a way that does not escalate already heightened emotions. It is this realization, coupled with the recognition of many professionals in the legal community that litigation does not always make sense for families, that led to the evolution of collaborative law. 

While not its own “issue” in divorce, collaborative law is a way of resolving all of the above family law issues without litigation. It focuses on communication, respect, and each person’s interests. If you have children, the collaborative process ensures that you are putting your children first at a time when they often fall between the cracks.

If you decide to try the collaborative process rather than going to Court, your collaborative attorney will guide you through the process, providing you with important legal information and advice that will empower you to make your own decisions and gain back the control that spouses so often lose during their separation. 

Collaborative law is not reserved for family law issues. It can be helpful in any legal dispute with parties who intend to have an ongoing relationship. For example, it can be useful in landlord/tenant disputes, small business disputes, estate administration disputes, employer/employee disputes, and much more. If you think you would benefit from the use of a collaborative attorney, please call Aimee Durant to set up a consultation.

Collaborative law can be a revolutionary process for many couples and other individuals, but it is certainly not for everyone. There are additional ways to avoid court without committing to the collaborative process. Please make an appointment with one of our family law attorneys to discuss the different methods available for resolving your family law dispute(s), and which method would best meet your needs. 


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