Intellectual Property

Your ideas are valuable assets that deserve to be protected. Your business name, logo, or slogan may be eligible for trademark registration. Your website, photograph, book, song, graphical design, or artwork can be registered as a copyright. Your invention or innovation for a product or method could be patentable. Your business’ confidential and proprietary information may qualify as a trade secret, so long as you take the necessary steps to safeguard the data.

Our experienced attorneys can help guide you in determining the best way to protect these important intellectual property assets. We take a proactive approach to examining what can be protected, including examination of potential assets and trademark clearance searches for new brand and product names or designs. We ensure your ownership of the work created by your employees or contractors and warrant the confidentiality of your intellectual property from current or former employees and business associates. We negotiate licenses and other agreements to allow you to profit from your assets or to utilize someone else’s intellectual property with permission.

In addition to finding the best way to register or establish your ownership in your intellectual property, we can also assist in the event that your intellectual property is infringed (copied or otherwise used by an unauthorized party), or if you are alleged to infringe someone else’s intellectual property.


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