Rights of Injured and Disabled Persons

Personal Injury, Worker’s              Compensation and Disability Claims

There are times when you need skillful and knowledgeable representation. Suffering an injury, either on the job or in an accident, or suffering from a disabling injury or condition can leave you feeling vulnerable and helpless. You may not be sure what steps you need to take to ensure that your rights are fully protected and that you have the best chance of securing the compensation and/or benefits that you are entitled to.

We offer our exceptional representation to those facing these issues including:

Personal injury 

Workers' compensation

Social Security Disability 

At Sellers, Ayers, Dortch & Lyons, we are fully committed to helping people get what they need. Compensation for injuries suffered in an accident, workers' compensation benefits and SSDI benefits can help people make it through difficult times. We know the difference that compensation and benefits can make.  We bring our experience and skill to the table to help ensure that our clients have what they need to move forward with their lives.

We accept cases on a contingent fee basis. We only collect attorney's fees if we obtain benefits for you. Contact John Ayers, Robert WhitlowBrett Dressler or Christian Ayers by telephone at (704) 377-5050 or by email to set up a free 30-minute consultation to review your case.